Bitflexo Airdrop

EBCoin airdrops

 Ends feb 5 2020  worth $12

  1. Start the Telegram Bot (JOIN THE AIRDROP)
  2. Join Telegram group
  3. Join Telegram channel
  4. Follow Twitter
  5. Fill out this Airdrop form
  6. Submit your details to the bot

⚡️EBC already listed on Coinmarketcap

GLBrain Airdrop

 End date N/A $5

1Chat with the GLBrain's Telegram Bot

2Join GLBrain's Telegram Group

3Like GLBrain's Facebook Account

4Submit your details to the Bot.


 Cryptocurrency Airdrop how to video

1. Start Opta Token Telegram Bot

2. Join Opta Token Telegram group

3. Join Opta Token Telegram channel

4. Follow Twitter + Retweet pinned tweet

5. Like Facebook

6. Submit ETH wallet address

7. Receive 40 OPA* ~ $40

*5 OPA for every referral

Margarana Dream City Airdrop

Cryptocurrency Airdrop   Ends: N/A 

1. Start Margarana Dream City Telegram Bot

2. Register on Margarana Dream City website + Verify your email

3. Join Margarana Dream City Telegram group

4. Join Margarana Dream City Telegram channel

5. Follow Twitter

6. Like Facebook

7. Subscribe to Youtube

8. Submit ETH wallet address

9. Receive 6 MDC* ~ $6

SpeedKing Airdrop


Click on Speed King bot 

Follow us on Twitter

Follow us on Telegram

Follow us on Medium (optional)

Follow us on BitcoinTalk (optional)

Follow us on Facebook

Social Club Rocks airdrop


  1. Visit the Altilly Exchange.
  2. Sign up with your details.
  3. Verify your mail and login.
  4. Go to your profile and click on “airdrops” tab.
  5. Click on “Claim airdrop”.
  6. You will get 1,000 ROCK tokens.

Oryx airdrop

 end date feb 1 2020 $30 Airdrop

Join ORYX Telegram Channel

Join ORYX Telegram Group

Follow ORYX Twitter

Like ORYX Facebook

Follow ORYX Linkedin


Subscribe ORYX Youtube Channel

Neo smart energy airdrop

 End date unknown $10 airdrop

1Chat with the Neo Smart Energy's Telegram Bot

2Join Neo Smart Energy's Telegram Group

3Follow Neo Smart Energy's Twitter Page and retweet the pinned tweet.

4Like Neo Smart Energy's Facebook Account and share the pinned post.

5Submit your details to the Bot.
(Click on "Profile" to submit your data / NSE address = MEW address)

ENOD airdrop

 End date unknown  5 USD.  $1 refferal

Run the telegram bot on the link and follow the instructions.

Follow our Telegram group and Telegram Chat

Follow our Twitter

Retweet our pinned post

Diropia Airdrop

31 Jan 2020 End Date  worth $5 .

   refer more members to the site and earn referral rewards 

Complete the registration form 

ARC-IRIS Airdrop

30 Apr 2020 End Date worth $50

 Join Telegram bot and enter Captcha

Join our Telegram channel

Join our Telegram chat

Follow and Retweet

Like page, share last post and follow us on Facebook

Like page,  share last page and follow us on Medium

Like page, share last post and follow us on Instagram

Visit the website and register your Account

Enter your email address

Blockchain Of Things Airdrop

  $15 End date unknown 

Click on Telegram bot 

Join our Telegram group

Join Our Advertiser Telegram Channel

Follow Our Official Twitter Page

Like & follow our Facebook Fanpage

Like & follow our Facebook Group

Subscribe our Youtube chanel

Follow us on Linkedin

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Febuary 1 2020 Click HERE to do this cryptocurrency airdrop  Tokens700 Est. value$30 Referral15 KUL Ends Feb 1 2020 

Prometheus AIRDROP




130 PROToken

30 PROReferral Click HERE to do this cryptocurrency airdrop 

Yobit (YoDollar) Airdrop


 700 yo bit dollars Click HERE to do this cryptocurrency airdrop 

Nexxus Airdrop


Ends Mar 1 2020 $12  Click HERE for airdrop

Juiice Airdrop


 E nd date N/A 75,000 free JUI tokens with an estimated value of $15 USD. Click HERE for airdrop

Finexca Exchange Airdrop


Click HERE for airdrop  estimated value of $15 USD    E nd date N/A  



 $60 10 coins  referrals are 50 coins  end day Jan 15 2020 . click HERE to do this airdrop 



Receive 1400 CP* ~ $10 700 CP for every referral Ends Feb 1 2020 Click HERE to do this airdrop 

Burency Airdrop


Receive 50 BUY* ~ $7 , 7 BUY for every referral End date Feb 1 2020 Click HERE for airdrop

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