Betmatch (XBM) cryptocurrency airdrop

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Very easy video on how to do this airdrop. Also airdrop form below


  1. Airdrop YouTube      video      
  2. Airdrop  video      
  3. Airdrop Bittube        video      

Airdrop forms and links


  1. Sign up for the website and verify your email
  2. You will be dropped with 500 XBM that can only be used on the platform
  3. If you are not dropped with 500 XBM tokens contact them at
  4. At the end of the airdrop, the sum of tokens received during the registration will be deducted from the amount won by the user. The rest of the tokens will be converted into real tokens that you can use on Betmatch.

Cryptocurrency airdrop details

  1. Date of airdrop   Dec 16
  2. Date end of airdrop 
  3. Date collection of coins . Instant deposit in to your wallet
  4.   Tokens per airdrop: 500 $10 

Cryptocurrency airdrop coin overview

 Betmatch is a decentralized betting house, that combines a classic business model, related to traditional betting cases, executed in trustless paradigm using blockchain technology. Check our cryptocurrency airdrops list on our homepage at the top of this page for a bigger cryptocurrency airdrop list to chose from   



Betmatch (XBM) Blockchain Introduction