Felixo Airdrop

  CC Airdrops YouTube channel Click HERE  to watch how to do this Airdrop easy

Step by step guide

1Register on Felixo's Website

2Go to the Airdrop Tab 

3Verify your Mobile Number (+500 FLX, optional)

4Do Know-Your-Customer (+ 1500 FLX, optional)

5Deposit and fiat/crypto asset  (+500 FLX, optional)

6Get 50 FLX for each trade 

7New: Check their Social Media Tasks, where you can earn up to 3.000 FLX Token

.8Refer users and get up to 1400 FLX.  


 Felixo is a new generation Crypto assets trading platform based in Turkey. The team/ owners of the platform are extremely skilled and experienced coders.