HubrisOne (HBRS) cryptocurrency airdrop

Very easy video on how to do this airdrop. Also airdrop form below


  1. Airdrop YouTube      video      link 
  2. Airdrop  video      link
  3. Airdrop Bittube        video      link

Airdrop forms and links


  1. Go to the google airdrop page
  2. Join Telegram group and post a constructive question
  3. Download the app (currently only for Android)
  4. Retweet this tweet
  5. Fill out the airdrop form
  6. You will be dropped with $10 in HBRS tokens
  7. For every referral you will get $10 in HBRS tokens. You will get the code in the app
  8. App refferal code HB7393

Cryptocurrency airdrop details

  1. Date of airdrop    December 15, 2018
  2. Date of coin collection in to your wallet   31 May 2019   
  3. Date of end of air drop    31 May 2019  
  4. coin supply    1 Billion HBRS 
  5. Ico price     1 HBRS = 0.01 USD  
  6. Tokens per airdrop: $10  

Cryptocurrency airdrop coin overview

 HubrisOne is a mobile application designed to completely revolutionize the dynamics between the cryptocurrency and the banking sector. HubrisOne plan to fuse traditional banking with cryptocurrency, and deliver the related services to the masses through an open, honest and fully trustworthy infrastructure, which is easy to use and easy to understand by new entrants into the cryptocurrency market and veterans alike. Get your cryptocurrency airdrop coins today. Check our cryptocurrency airdrops list on our homepage at the top of this page for a bigger cryptocurrency airdrop list to chose from   




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