Plaas (PLS) Cryptocurrency Airdrops

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Airdrop forms and links


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Cryptocurrency airdrop details

  1. Date of airdrop   December 18, 2018
  2. End of airdrop     15/01/2019
  3. Date of coin collection in to your wallet Feb 15 2019  
  4.  Airdrop is worth     75 PLS* ~ $35 

 Tokens per referral: 5

Cryptocurrency airdrop coin overview

 Farm data record, animal tracking through the use of RFID tech and genetic information stored on smart contract
PLAAS is seeking to leverage blockchain technology by providing all the players in the African agricultural sector with a platform where they can store and share information about crops and animals securely. The platform works by using blockchain technology to store sensitive agricultural data like the breed and ancestry of animals to help buyers identify the traits of the animals that they are buying. Check our cryptocurrency airdrops list on our homepage at the top of this page for a bigger cryptocurrency airdrop list to chose from