ShareMeAll (ESW) cryptocurrency airdrop

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Very easy video on how to do this airdrop. Also airdrop form below


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Cryptocurrency airdrop details

  1. Date of airdrop   Dec 19
  2. End of airdrop    feb 1 2019
  3. Date of coin collection in to your wallet  2019-05-30   
  4.  Airdrop is worth   Tokens per airdrop:  Token 18 ESW  $16
  5. refferals 

Cryptocurrency airdrop coin overview

 ShareMeAll Marketplace and eSwitch Tokens are an alternative community project for the exchange and sharing not only of skills, but also of objects, all or part of their home, their car, ect. It will allow everyone to share and use all that can imagine, today possible to be exchanged or shared. In return, users of ShareMeAll will receive eSwitch that will allow them to take advantage of services, objects, accommodations, etc. offered by other members around the world. Get your cryptocurrency airdrop coins today. Check our cryptocurrency airdrops list on our homepage at the top of this page for a bigger cryptocurrency airdrop list to chose from   



ShareMeAll (ESW) cryptocurrency airdrop